Ceiling fixture SALTO recessed, IP20, square, white housing

98 g

cast aluminum

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Salto tilting ceiling point luminaire – good style, refined functionality

The Salto point tilt luminaire is a seemingly very simple model of spot lighting liked by users. Delicate design allows you to match the light points to many different arrangements. Thanks to its universal design, it fits into the minimalist style, looks great in modern interiors, perfectly complements the Scandinavian simplicity or loft atmosphere of austerity. It complements lighting projects in offices, premises – shops, cafes, clinics or offices, and of course it is ideal for homes, where from the kitchen, through communication routes, to bedrooms and living rooms, it decorates the space, equipping it with discreet lighting points.

The Salto spot ceiling luminaire has a movable internal module. The light flux can therefore be set in any direction and at the desired angle, which increases functional convenience and makes the Salto spot lighting easily adaptable to individual needs. An interesting detail is the deep-seated light source, which not only protects against the effect of damage to the eyes, but also provides an interesting accent, adding character to the light points.

The Salto tilting point ceiling luminaire is available in two shapes – square and round, both in a subtle, matte white that blends perfectly with the white of the ceilings.


  • Adjustable beam angle;
  • Metal body;
  • Easy installation.



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