Ceiling spot light fixture MAREA recessed, IP54/IP20, round, inox

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Marea point ceiling luminaire – modernity and functionality in one

 The Marea point ceiling luminaire is a proposal in which simple, uncomplicated design and a practical aspect of functionality are harmoniously combined. The ceiling luminaire allows you to illuminate the selected space, and thanks to a simple visual formula, it blends with numerous arrangement styles – classics, modernity, minimalism, Scandinavian style or fashionable eclecticism. It will work in hotels, offices, restaurants, public utilities and, of course, in houses and apartments. The practical aspect is increased by the sealing, thanks to which the Marea ceiling spotlight luminaire is resistant to moisture and splashes (IP 20/54 protection), so it will perfectly fulfill its role in the bathroom or kitchen.

The Marea spot ceiling luminaire fits into a balanced aesthetic, adding character to it. It has a round, recessed frame that discreetly protrudes above the mounting plane. It is available in two popular color variants – matt white and brushed steel – inox.


  • Splash-proof luminaire – IP54;
  • Mounting hole by 70 mm.



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