Ceiling spot light fixture RUBIO, 102x102mm, IP20, square, single, white


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Rubio ceiling spot light fitting – a combination of elegance and practical functionality

Rubio ceiling spot light fitting is lighting with an extremely versatile application. It will be perfect for an office, living room, passageways or bedroom. The subtle, refined design will easily fit into the arrangement in modern, minimalist, fashionable Scandinavian or austere loft styles.

Although Rubio ceiling lamp is devoid of decorations, its charm lies in this simplicity and uncomplicated visual form. The outer contour of the fitting slightly protrudes above the mounting surface, exposing its geometric charm. The body inside is movable and it makes it possible to direct the light beam to the desired place.

Rubio ceiling spot fitting is available in several options to choose from. Customers can opt for subtle white that perfectly blends with the background of white ceiling, or stylish black, in both variants the light points are finished in a smooth matt. In addition, a single-point and two-point variants are available in both colours.


  • A moveable ring to change the lighting angle
  • Universal colours
  • Dedicated to LED light sources



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