Ceiling spotlight PARMA III, IP20, round, inox, angle adjustable


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unkt LED ceiling luminaire Parma III – functional lighting

The Parma III ceiling spotlight is a simple lighting point model in an uncomplicated design. The Parma II ceiling luminaire has been designed for a discreet and casual visual effect.

Thanks to their small size, light points allow you to create numerous compositions in any amount juxtaposed with each other. The spot luminaire is available in two functional options – with or without the possibility of adjusting the angle of incidence of light.

Parma III spot ceiling lighting is made of high-quality steel. Refined details ensure durability and reliable quality of light points. Thanks to its simple design, the flush-mounted ceiling luminaire smoothly fits into various arrangement styles – from minimalist, through modern, loft and even classic. For easier adjustment to aesthetic needs, the spot luminaire is available in 5 color variants: chrome, black, chrome, white, satin and old gold. The refined shape, with a “beveled” side, makes the spot luminaire visually blend with the surface on which it is mounted.


mounting hole Ø 60-65 mm



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