Garden luminaire TORA-AU, E27, MAX.15W, IP54, AC220-240V, 50-60Hz, top wall lamp, black

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Toro garden fixture – a beautiful addition to any garden

Toro garden fixture is a well-thought-out design in which design goes hand in hand with functional comfort. The refined, simple visual character does not impose itself in terms of arrangement, but neatly blends into the style of garden it illuminates. Depending on the model chosen, it is perfect for illuminating a sidewalk, path, duct, terrace or house facade or front fence.

Toro garden fixture is made of a combination of weather-resistant aluminium and PMMA – polymer. The aluminium body in a versatile, elegant black with a matt finish makes Toro garden lighting keep a simple design. This scheme is “broken” by the accent in the form of an insert made of milky acrylic glass, which beautifully diffuses the emitted light around the lamp.

Toro garden fixture has been created in three different variants, with the use of which you can successfully design comprehensive garden lighting in any place. A wall light point – a sconce will be suitable for the facade of the building and it will illuminate not only the address board, but also the mailbox, entrance to the house or exit to the terrace. The lower standing Toro garden lamp complements the higher one, giving great arrangement freedom to adapt the lighting to individual needs.


  • Diffuser made of acrylic glass;
  • The milky finish of the lampshade evenly diffuses light;
  • Max. light source 15 W;
  • Built-in E27 socket.



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