Ceiling fixture LOTTE,2646,AC220-240V,50/60Hz,1*E27, IP20, Diameter 33 CM,single, gold

Power of light source or device
max.40 W

1400 g

220-240 V


Base type

Producent code

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The LOTTE luminaire is an ideal product for lovers of classic interior design, loft, retro, or vintage style. Wire lighting is distinguished by its original, raw design. The universal simplicity conceals functionality – no lampshade obscuring the light source perfectly illuminates even the darkest spaces. It is also an ideal proposition for those who often decide to make changes – the spatial structure of the lamp exposing the bulb allows changing the bulb model at any time and to slightly modify the interior using this simple modification.

The LOTTE ceiling luminaire is a perfect solution for any living room, kitchen, dining room, or corridor. Wire lighting serves as a decoration and attracts attention, which makes LOTTE look perfect in the central points of the interiors, e.g. above the table or kitchen top. The wire shade casts shadows on the walls. Eye-catching lighting effects definitely make the interior warm.

The unconventional shape of the lampshade – a rounded cone in golden colour is a nice addition in interiors dominated by warm colours. It will make the room cozier, refresh its appearance and give it a noble appearance. It is worth knowing that golden lamps are currently at the latest lighting trends.

A FILAMENT-style bulb adds a special touch to LOTTE luminaire, combining decorative lighting with advanced LED technology and a classic look. The modern shapes of FILAMENT bulbs are a decorative element even with the lights turned off. The combination of a classic style with an energy-saving solution is not only an effective element of interior furnishing but also a much better solution for the environment.


  • The metal, wire shade fits perfectly into loft, vintage and retro interiors;
  • The unconventional shape and form of the lampshade are a form of decoration in the living room, kitchen, dining room, corridor, staircase, teenagers’ room;
  • The elegant golden colour of the frame add luxury, refined elegance, and chic to every home;
  • The wire shade not only gives the lamp charm and elegance but also creates a beautiful play of light and shadow when switched off;
  • Medium-sized lamp for one light source – the diameter of the lampshade is 33 cm.



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