Ceiling fixture NOOR,2691,AC220-240V,50/60Hz,1*E27, IP20, Diameter 22 CM,single,black

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The NOOR lamp is the ideal ceiling light for loft lovers. In such interiors, simplicity and rigor play a decisive role. However, modern lofts are not devoid of gold or copper elements that warm the interior. Thus, NOOR is a great choice for an apartment or office in industrial style – it combines a stylish loft design with a black finish to give the room an elegant look.

The NOOR lamp will fit well into the kitchen space and will become an original decoration above the table in the kitchen or in the dining room. It will also look great in the living room against the old red brick background. A very interesting solution is to use it in cafes or restaurants decorated in the loft style – this trend has recently been very fashionable.

A characteristic feature of the NOOR luminaire is its modern look. Its form refers to post-industrial lighting, but in a new, updated look. The combination of industrial rigor with Scandinavian simplicity creates a very aesthetic ceiling lamp that fits perfectly into our apartment. It is worth noting that the copper element, combined with the classic and elegant black shade, is one of the trendiest color combinations in the interior this season.


  • The metal lampshade fits perfectly into loft, Scandinavian, vintage and retro style rooms;
  • The classic shape will fit well into the kitchen and dining room, and will look great over the table at the kitchen corner or in the dining room;
  • Elegant and fashionable black color combined with copper elements emphasizes the exquisite beauty of the lamp – copper shades bring elegance to the interior, and make an accent that catches the eye and enlivens the room;
  • High-quality workmanship guarantees long-term use;
  • Medium size lamp for one light source – lampshade diameter 22 cm.



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