Ceiling fixture SOLEN ,2362, AC220-240V,50/60Hz,1*E27, IP20, Diameter 26,5 CM,single, gold

Power of light source or device
max.40 W

1200 g

220-240 V


Base type

Producent code

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A lamp made in a loft style will be perfect for interiors in which we expose  construction materials of our building. Exposed wood, bricks or pipes in the room will be the ideal space for SOLEN ceiling fixture.

Due to the bright finish in gold colour, the lamp can be successfully hung in interiors dominated by very dark colours, e.g. clubs, pubs or restaurants, adding lightness to them.

The lamp is made of high-quality steel that ensures high quality of the product. The most characteristic element of SOLEN fixture is the exposed bulb that has been secured by a golden grille, having a very modern industrial shape. Therefore, FILAMENT style bulb that combines advanced LED technology with a light source with a classic look will add additional character to SOLEN fixture. The modern shapes of the FILAMENTS are a decorative element even when the light is turned off. A combination of a classic style with an energy-saving solution will not only be an effective element of our room equipment but also a much better solution for the environment.


  • A metal lampshade matches perfectly a fashionable loft style that uses raw materials such as brick, concrete, old wood;
  • The exposed light source is also a decorative element that is why GTV FILAMENTS match perfectly the lamp;
  • The light, golden colour adds lightness to the rooms and warms their atmosphere;
  • The length of the cable can be adjusted to the room or arrangement;
  • Middle size lamp for one light source E27 – the diameter of the lampshade is 26.5 cm.



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