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Interior arrangement in harmony with the signs of the zodiac? Why not! Even if you do not read horoscopes, you can treat a connection between a zodiac sign and a decoration and an architecture as an original inspiration.

Aries is an energetic nature

The planet of Aries is Mars which name originates from Roman god of war. It symbolizes a fight, willingness to act and strong will. People under the sign of Aries are not afraid of challenges, they are dynamic, go-getting and self-confident.

Aries value space that is why they feel good in studio apartments. They are not afraid of experiments and challenges. The interiors in which they stay are full of bold solutions and expressive colours. Colours that emphasize the nature and perfectly match Aries fiery temperament are:

  • Bright red
  • Golden
  • Orange
  • Brown
  • Warm-tone colours

Minimalist decor, experiments with the texture of walls can become a showcase of the interior where Aries lives. Spacious, without excessive decorations rooms are usually complemented by items of elements of fire – a fireplace, candles and all kinds of interesting lighting.

Functional solutions work well around such a person – modular furniture, effective interior lighting, for example LEDER lamp.

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