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Gemini are under the patronage of Mercury, which translates into an interesting personality combined with high communication skills. People under this sign are full of energy, witty, inventive and they have an innate curiosity about the world. An extremely volatile, analytical mind is complemented by a stubborn nature and a love of novelty.

Change is the middle name of Gemini. They quickly get bored with one decor, so their home should be prone to frequent metamorphosis. Make a decision about a general renovation in one day? Why not, for Gemini it is not a problem.

Interior design tips for Gemini:

  • Gemini feel best in shades of yellow and grey. In addition, due to innate nervousness, it is worth surrounding themselves with shades of blue and green.
  • What style will best suit Gemini? The answer is – a harmony of opposites. The perfect solution is to combine styles in an original way – loft style with rustic or glamour style.
  • This season you can be inspired by eclectic lofts from New York, Barcelona or Milan.
  • A home library will emphasize curiosity about the world, which often translates into a talent for languages and a light pen.
  • It is worth thinking about practical decorations, e.g. trunks, chests, wall decorations.

An intriguing decoration proposal

Geometric shapes have been a real hit in many arrangements for the last few seasons. The DIU ceiling lamp is a minimalist decoration of industrial, loft and modern interiors. Geometric lamps make it possible to introduce more dynamism into the interior.

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