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Each of us wants to be where safety and peace reign, where it is comfortable and cosy. When creating interior design for your own home, it is worth designing it not only based on interior design trends. Maybe it is worth finding out what the stars advise you?


A homebody as a rule, he values order and original decorations. People under this sign are calm, emotionally balanced and down-to-earth. Therefore, the interior for a Taurus should also be balanced and harmonious.

A classic with vintage nature

Taurus likes to refer to tradition, so the best interior design style is classic with a hint of vintage. It is easy to introduce warm colours to such an arrangement, which are the best solution for this zodiac sign. Pleasant to the touch textures and materials of the highest quality also count. The fact is that Tauruses often love working in the garden. Therefore, the right solution will be to introduce plants that will add charm and harmony into the space.

Every element is important

Taurus has an excellent sense of aesthetics. There is no shortage of carefully made, designer items in their interiors. Kitsch and chaos are not their cup of tea. When arranging the space, Tauruses attach great importance to details – shape, texture and material, which must form a coherent, elegant whole. Our pendant lamp MEES will be a sophisticated detail that a horned connoisseur of beauty will surely appreciate. The lamp will be a perfect decorative accent in classic, retro as well as eco-style interiors.

An original decoration proposal

MEES lamp is never out of fashion black colour in combination with brass. Brass shades bring elegance to the interior, they are an element that catches the eye and enlivens the space.

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