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Interior design trends change clearly over the decades or even years. Following fashion, it is quite easy to fall into a trap – an apartment decorated in accordance with current trends may become completely unfashionable after a few years. Fortunately, this effect can be avoided. There are universal trends in interior design which, as history shows, do not go away. Today we present some examples and tips for such arrangements. We will pay special attention to the issue of room lighting in line with these trends, using GTV lighting as a model.

Timeless colors

When arranging a timeless interior, it is not worth succumbing to the fashion related to its colors. Some colors are universal in nature and will always be used in apartment arrangements. These include neutral blacks and whites, as are shades of gray. Beige and brown also show a very high potential when it comes to interior design. Choosing universal colors does not mean, however, that you should completely give up your favorite colors. The walls, floor and ceiling in timeless colors are a great base for further work on the apartment. When choosing furniture, and especially decorations, you can freely choose your favorite and fashionable colors. After a few years, it is enough to refresh the interior a bit, enriching it with other motifs to keep it fashionable.

When designing a timeless interior, it is worth focusing on natural raw materials. Practice shows that wood, glass, metal and even raw concrete and brick will always be used in arrangements. They have a great advantage – they are extremely durable materials. All of them are also elegant. The use of natural resources, and not their counterparts, is associated with higher costs, but their longevity and aging “with dignity” make it worth making such an investment.

Neutral details

In order for the interior to remain fashionable as long as possible, temporary as well as expressive arrangement trends should be avoided. These include, among others, all decorative motifs associated with classic interiors. A good example of this are door handles and handles for furniture enriched with decorations. They are perfect for retro interiors, but it has nothing to do with timelessness. According to the same principle, you should also avoid futuristic motifs, in which details take on unconventional shapes and colors.

It should be remembered that arranging an interior in accordance with the prevailing trends does not have to mean a wrong choice. A good example of this are fashionable lofts full of post-industrial themes. They will also delight guests and household members for years to come. However, the choice of universal and timeless solutions allows apartment owners to modify them over time, which is a great pleasure for many people.