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Open, full of light rooms, glazing, simple, and cubic forms feature Bauhaus style, created over a hundred years ago in Germany. Currently trendy industrial and minimalist styles derive from it.

When arranging interiors in Bauhaus style, we resign from improvements, complicated forms or additions. The elements of space equipment are functional and geometric. There are no trinkets here – only everyday objects fulfil the decorative function. Both furniture in white colour, in bold red, green, blue, and a lamp in the shape of a circle or oval (e.g. Abies lamp) will be ingenious.

In principle, an industrial style and Bauhaus style are similar, but there is something that makes them different. Loft interiors can be dark (black decorations, brick walls), while Bauhaus interiors are characterized by calm colours. The walls are rather in white or in light shades of beige. Their tandem is a wooden or stone floor.

“Less means more”, “form results from function” and that is what Bauhaus is all about.

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