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Convenience and practicality are the main guidelines for designing a room for a teenager. Is it too simple advice to solve such a difficult task? Possible, but even such a great challenge can be met in a relatively simple way.

Choose colour and style

It is worth arranging a youth interior in a specific style. Girls will surely like Scandinavian trend, and boys will choose an industrial or a modern style.

Depending on teenager’s temperament we choose colours that will appear in the design of the room. For hyperactive people, it is worth focusing on white, blue, green or grey colours. In case of slow people you can add energy by means of bright accents – red, yellow or orange.

Lighting of a room

A teenager’s room is a place to study, rest, sleep, and meet friends. When thinking about its arrangement, remember that lighting is an important element. A centrally placed pendant lamp will be a universal solution.

Fashionable lamps in a loft or a modern style (e.g. ceiling fixtures from Mavia series) will perfectly match the youth room. It is also worth thinking about other types of lamps: wall, floor, table.

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